I just copied my PR content here, please check out Defer checking if socket is closed

Avoid making getsockopt system call for every request


In function handle_request, we can check if the socket is closed when rescuing IOError, saving one getsockopt system call for every request.

In the current implementation, the socket may be closed by the client after we check the socket status using closed_socket? and before finishing writing the data.

Writing to a closed socket will raise IOError. I am not sure which of the following Error I should use, my commit uses “Socket timeout writing data”

raise ConnectionError, "Connection error detected during write"

raise ConnectionError, "Socket timeout writing data"

Analysis detail:

  1. Run hello.ru benchmark for 30 seconds,
  2. While running benchmark, run sudo perf stat -e 'syscalls:*' -p $(pidof bundle) sleep 10, this will use perf to collect all syscalls made by puma process for 10 seconds

perf stat result:

 Performance counter stats for process id '1732':

             42009      syscalls:sys_enter_getpeername
             42009      syscalls:sys_exit_getpeername
             42009      syscalls:sys_enter_recvfrom
             42010      syscalls:sys_exit_recvfrom
             84019      syscalls:sys_enter_setsockopt
             84021      syscalls:sys_exit_setsockopt
             42010      syscalls:sys_enter_getsockopt
             42010      syscalls:sys_exit_getsockopt
              8215      syscalls:sys_enter_epoll_ctl
              8215      syscalls:sys_exit_epoll_ctl
              8156      syscalls:sys_enter_epoll_wait
              8156      syscalls:sys_exit_epoll_wait
             37811      syscalls:sys_enter_select
             37811      syscalls:sys_exit_select
                11      syscalls:sys_enter_ppoll
                11      syscalls:sys_exit_ppoll
              6235      syscalls:sys_enter_read
              6235      syscalls:sys_exit_read
             88227      syscalls:sys_enter_write
             88226      syscalls:sys_exit_write
                 1      syscalls:sys_enter_madvise
                 1      syscalls:sys_exit_madvise
                21      syscalls:sys_enter_mprotect
                21      syscalls:sys_exit_mprotect
            274663      syscalls:sys_enter_futex
            274659      syscalls:sys_exit_futex
                 1      syscalls:sys_enter_sched_yield
                 1      syscalls:sys_exit_sched_yield

Benchmark RPS is around 4k to 5k, here is my basic understanding of what each syscall is used for:

  • getpeername, for getting the peer IP address
  • recvfrom, ?
  • setsockopt, cork_socket and uncork_socket, this will be removed in https://github.com/puma/puma/pull/2595
  • getsockopt, check socket status to see if the socket is closed
  • epoll_*, epoll functions used in nio4r
  • select, IO.select will get the socket that is ready for reading or writing
  • ppoll, probably some blocking IO functions
  • read and write, for reading request and writing response data
  • madvise and mprotect, GC stuffs
  • futex, puma uses threads, mutex and conditional variable would cause lot’s of futex usage, looking forward to getting rid of them(ALL) in https://github.com/puma/puma/pull/2601
  • sched_yield, process management, https://linux.die.net/man/2/sched_yield

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